§ 909.



Issuance of Bicycle Rack Permits. The Director of Transportation is empowered at his or her sole discretion to grant a revocable permit to the property owner of property abutting any Street of the City to install and maintain a bicycle rack on the sidewalk fronting such property. The Director of Transportation may impose permit conditions related to the installation, design, location or maintenance of the bicycle rack as he or she determines necessary to protect the public convenience and safety. No permit issued under this Section 909 shall become effective until the permit has been signed by the Permittee or the Permittee’s authorized agent and a copy of the permit has been recorded in the office of the City Recorder.


Criteria for Granting a Bicycle Rack Permit. In considering an application for a bicycle rack permit, the Director of Transportation shall consider the proposed location and design of the bicycle rack in light of all legal requirements, the availability of Parking, and the anticipated effects of the proposed bike rack on public transit, pedestrian and vehicular traffic and access to or from residences and businesses.


Placement of Bicycle Rack. The Director of Transportation may at his or her own initiative and after giving notice to the abutting property owner(s) cause bicycle racks to be installed on any Street or sidewalk of the City.


Department of Public Works – Coordination. Bicycle racks shall not be installed until the Department of Public Works is notified of the site of the proposed bicycle rack installation and the date of installation. Such notice shall be provided to the Department of Public Works for review by the Department of the proposed installation at least 45 days before the date of installation.


(SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 08-151, 8/19/2008)


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