§ 906.



General Permit Requirements.


A commercial vehicle being used by a business holding a California contractor’s license for a trade related to construction or pest control services is eligible for a Contractor Permit to allow that vehicle to Park:


At a Parking Meter without depositing payment as required by Division I, Section 7.2.23 (Payment of Parking Meter); except that in a metered yellow zone a vehicle displaying a Contractor Permit is still subject to enforcement of posted time limits.


Within a Residential Parking Permit Area without being subject to posted time limits.


Contractor Permits are non-transferable.


No more than eight Contractor Permits may be issued to a single Permittee, except that additional permits may be issued, at the sole discretion of the Director of Transportation, to any contractor who is not eligible to apply for exclusive temporary use of Parking Meter Spaces under Section 904 of this Code.


Any changes in vehicles during the permit year must be submitted by mail to the SFMTA.


The permit may not be used at a parking meter within one thousand five hundred feet or three blocks, whichever is greater, of the Contractor’s registered principal business address or any satellite office unless persons are actively engaged in loading and unloading of materials and supplies.


Duration of Contractor Permit. New Contractor Permits may be issued by SFMTA at any time during the calendar year but every Contractor Permit shall expire on May 31 of each calendar year unless renewed.


Application. A written application may be submitted at any time during the calendar year, and shall include a copy of the applicant’s state contractor’s license, a copy of the applicant’s business registration certificate, a copy of the Department of Motor Vehicles registration certificate for each vehicle for which a permit is requested, and such other information as the SFMTA may require.


Inspection. All eligible vehicles must have the name of the company and State Contractor’s License Number permanently displayed on both side panels of the vehicle in lettering a minimum height of one and one-half inches. All vehicles with no prior permit must be inspected. All other vehicles may be re-inspected at the discretion of the SFMTA.


(SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 08-151, 8/19/2008; SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 09-172, 9/15/2009; SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 12-090, Ad. 6/19/2012, Eff. 7/20/2012)


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