§ 903.



General Permit Requirements.


A Special Traffic Permit will be required for any obstruction of traffic upon a Street or on the sidewalk area by any construction, excavation or other activity, if such activities are not in compliance with City standard contract specifications or with the SFMTA’s “Regulations for Working in San Francisco Streets” (also known as “the Bluebook”).


A Special Traffic Permit shall be subject to any conditions or restrictions imposed by the City Traffic Engineer concerning the nature and the duration of the obstruction, and the areas which must be left open for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The City Traffic Engineer is authorized to permit an obstruction of traffic by an endorsement upon a building permit, demolition permit, or other type of permit.


Factors to be Considered. In determining whether to issue a Special Traffic Permit for an obstruction of traffic, the City Traffic Engineer shall consider the need to obstruct traffic and the purpose to be served by permitting the obstruction as set forth in the application, the number of lanes of traffic that will be left open if the permit is granted, the effect of granting the permit upon public transit and traffic, and the effect upon the public interest generally of granting or denying the permit.


SFMTA Cost Recovery.


Deposit for Convenience. With the exception of City agencies and departments, each Permittee shall file and maintain with the SFMTA a bond, cash deposit, or other security acceptable to the SFMTA securing the performance of the obligations of the Permittee under any Special Traffic Permit and in compliance with all the terms and conditions of this Article. The deposit shall be in a form and in an amount approved by the City Traffic Engineer. The City Traffic Engineer may make deductions from the balance of the Permittee’s deposit(s) to ensure the faithful performance of the obligations under a Special Traffic Permit, to cover fees and to offset costs for any work done or made by the SFMTA in connection with the administration of the Special Traffic Permit.


Relocation/Removal Fees. In instances where the issuance of a permit involves the removal or relocation of any Parking Spaces, Parking Meters, or Traffic Control Devices, the City Traffic Engineer, in his or her discretion, may require an applicant or Permittee to pay any additional fee to cover SFMTA removal and/or relocation costs.


(SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 08-151, 8/19/2008)


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