§ 6.5.



Recycling Plan. Any applicant seeking permission for the temporary use or occupancy of a public street, a street fair or an athletic event within the City for an activity or special event that includes dispensing of beverages from glass, aluminum, or plastic containers, or which causes to be generated large amounts of other recyclable materials, shall be required to submit a plan demonstrating a good-faith effort to provide a method to separate glass, aluminum and plastic beverage containers or other materials for the purpose of recycling them.


Disposition of Recyclable Materials. Prior to the review by ISCOTT of such application, the applicant shall submit to the chair of ISCOTT the following information:


A plan that describes the number and location of source-separated recycling containers that are necessary to ensure convenient utilization and protect public health and safety; and


Documentation that collection services shall be performed by a private or nonprofit source.


Collection of Recyclable Containers. At the time ISCOTT considers the application, it shall determine whether all of the necessary information has been submitted and whether the measures proposed by the applicant provide for the collection and disposition of source-separated materials. The applicant shall pay a deposit in the amount of $100, for each day of the event, to the Director of Public Works, at the time the application is filed, which shall be forfeited if applicant fails to collect recyclable materials and deposit said materials at a recycling facility. Such deposit shall be refunded in full to the permittee, by the Director of Public Works, upon receipt of documentation which verifies that the collected material was disposed at an appropriation recycling facility.


Past Performance. The Director of Public Works shall maintain records for a period of three years that document the recycling performance of the applicant when a temporary use of a public street is permitted. If an applicant for a temporary street closing, street fair or athletic event has been granted approval in the past pursuant to a permit issued by the City and County of San Francisco and failed to collect and dispose recyclable beverage containers, ISCOTT may require the applicant to pay a deposit in an amount greater than that normally required, so long as the increased amount is reasonably related to the anticipated costs of collecting and disposing of recyclable materials. However, if an applicant who has failed to comply with a recycling plan in the past has, since that occurrence, temporarily used a public street, or sponsored a street fair or athletic event pursuant to a permit and has complied with a recycling plan, the amount of the deposit normally required of applicants shall apply.


Rules and Regulations. The Director of Administrative Services shall promulgate any rules and regulations necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes and requirements of this Article. Before issuing or amending any rules or regulations, the Director of Administrative Services shall provide a 30-day public comment period by providing published notice in an official newspaper of general circulation in the City of the intent to issue or amend the regulations.


(Amended by Ord. 287-08, File No. 081340, App. 12/5/2008)


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