§ 6.11.



The increasing number of athletic events being held on City streets places a significant burden on the City and its inhabitants. Athletic events provide entertainment and recreation for San Franciscans and people throughout the Bay Area, as well as promoting and supporting tourism in the City. But closing off several major streets at the same time to accommodate a race often causes hardship in the daily lives of local residents, widespread disruption of public transit service, increased litter on public streets and sidewalks, and potential interference with emergency services. By adopting this ordinance, the Board of Supervisors intends to reconcile the City’s interest in promoting athletic events with the right of its citizens to the quiet enjoyment of their own neighborhoods.


Athletic events requiring temporary street closings shall be limited in location to routes previously designated as appropriate by the Board of Supervisors. These routes shall be drawn up by ISCOTT and approved by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. In designating these routes, ISCOTT and the Board shall consider the effect of the designation upon: Local traffic patterns; Municipal Railway routes; the ability of the Police Department and the Department of Public Works to provide special services to the event; the safe and efficient delivery of police, fire and emergency medical services to the affected neighborhoods; the safety of participants in the event; and, the rights of participants, residents and local businesses to the reasonable use and enjoyment of City streets.


Any person seeking permission to conduct an athletic event as defined in Section 9.10 shall file an application. The filing of an application and its processing shall be governed by the same processes, application fees, appellate procedures, Municipal Railway fees, and other requirements contained in Section 9.2, which sets forth the procedures for requesting permission for temporary use or occupancy of public streets. A street closing for an athletic event shall be restricted to those routes designated pursuant to this Section. The applicant may, as part of the application, request a waiver of this restriction. In considering a request for a waiver, the City may take into account the extent to which the event has been held along a particular route prior to the application date if that same route has been in use continuously for a period of three or more years. An applicant’s request for a waiver shall be granted to the extent that a change of route is required by the Police Department for reasons of public safety.


(Amended by Ord. 287-08, File No. 081340, App. 12/5/2008)


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