§ 4.2.



Establishment of Fund. There is hereby established a special fund for the purpose of receiving and expending fees collected for the impoundment of vehicles from the public right of way. Said special fund shall be known and designated as the Traffic Offender Fund.


Expenditure of Monies. The appropriation of all monies in the Traffic Offender Fund (“Fund”) shall be made exclusively for the purposes of the Traffic Offender Program. The Traffic Offender Program shall include the enforcement of, education for, and prosecution of a suspended or revoked driving privilege, unlicensed driver, and persons driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Expenditures shall include, but not be limited to, purchase of equipment, contractual services, material and supplies, any other technology necessary to prosecute the case, and personnel costs, including salary and benefits for a Deputy District Attorney and a part-time law clerk, specifically provided to the program. The administration of the Fund shall conform to the provisions of the Charter, annual appropriation ordinance, and the procurement procedures as prescribed by the Controller and the Office of Contract Administration.


Accumulation of Monies in Fund. The balance remaining in the Traffic Offender Fund at the close of any fiscal year shall be deemed to have been provided for a specific purpose and shall be carried forward and accumulated in said Fund for the purposes recited herein.


(Amended by Ord. 287-08, File No. 081340, App. 12/5/2008)


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