§ 1123.



Posting Notice. Except as otherwise provided herein, all public notices required to be given by the SFMTA pursuant to this Article shall be posted on the SFMTA’s official website, and the SFMTA shall concurrently deliver the notice for posting to the San Francisco International Airport taxi holding area and to the business office of every Dispatch Service.


Notice of Permit Hearing. When a permit becomes available for issuance the SFMTA shall publish notice in accordance with subparagraph (a).


Notice of SFMTA Permit Application Actions. If the SFMTA determines that a taxi medallion permit application is inactive, it shall post notice on the SFMTA’s official website for a period of at least 180 days, but need not meet the other posting requirements of subparagraph (a).


(Added as Sec. 1121 by SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 09-077, 5/19/2009; amended by SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 09-183, 10/20/2009; redesignated and amended by SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 12-111 , Ad. 8/21/2012, Eff. 9/21/2012)


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