§ 1118.



Revocation, Suspension or Administrative Fine for Cause. The SFMTA may suspend or revoke any permit issued under this Article, and may impose an administrative fine against a Permit Holder, for good cause. “Good cause” hereunder shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


A Permit Holder failed to pay a fine imposed by the SFMTA under Section 310 of this Code within 30 days of imposition or within such other time period as determined by the agreement of the Permit Holder and the SFMTA.


A Permit Holder failed to pay a permit fee within 90 days following notice of nonpayment.


A Permit Holder has been convicted of any crime that would disqualify him or her from holding a permit pursuant to Section 1103(c)(2)(F), or is otherwise ineligible for a permit under Section 1104(c) or (d) of this Article.


The Permit Holder has violated any statute or ordinance, including any provision of Division I or II of this San Francisco Transportation Code, governing the operation or licensing of the vehicles and services regulated by this Code.


Suspension or Revocation of More Than One Permit. Where a person violating this Article holds more than one permit to operate a Motor Vehicle for Hire in the City, the SFMTA may revoke, suspend, or decline to renew all such permits.


Operation During Suspension. In the event that a Taxi or Ramp Taxi Medallion is suspended for disciplinary reasons, the Color Scheme with which it is affiliated may continue to operate the Medallion during any such period of suspension by paying a monthly fee of $1,900 to the Driver Fund. The total of the monthly fees for the entire suspension period is due as of the 15th day following the commencement of the suspension period. If the suspended Medallion is affiliated with a Color Scheme that is on Administrative Probation upon the date that the suspension commences, the Medallion may be operated by a Color Scheme designated by the Medallion Holder from among those Color Schemes that are not on Administrative Probation and have notified the SFMTA of their willingness to operate the Medallion during the suspension period.


Administrative Fines. Administrative fines imposed under this Section 1118 for violations of Article 1100 of Division II of the Transportation Code shall be consistent with Section 310 of Division II of the Transportation Code, and are not subject to adjustment by the Hearing Officer in the context of an administrative hearing conducted under Section 1120.


(Added as Sec. 1120 by SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 09-077, 5/19/2009; amended by SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 09-183, 10/20/2009; SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 10-116, 8/3/2010; SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 11-017, 2/1/2011; redesignated and amended by SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 12-111 , Ad. 8/21/2012, Eff. 9/21/2012)


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