§ 1115.


The SFMTA Board will from time to time but no more than once per 12-month period, hold a hearing to determine whether to limit the number of a class of permits to be issued and/or whether to issue new permits, and, if so, the limit on the number of a class of permits or the number of permits to be issued for each class of permits for the upcoming 12-month period. In making this determination, the Board will consider the availability of service provided by each class of permit compared to the demand for that service, and the public interest. Based upon the record of the hearing and any further evidence which the SFMTA Board may request, the SFMTA Board will determine the number of each class of permits to be issued, or that no new permits of a particular class will be issued. The Board shall consider any evidence offered at the hearing to establish other means of improving service that would provide the same or greater benefits to the public as increasing the number of permits. The SFMTA shall post notice at least 30 days prior to any hearing held pursuant to this Section.


(SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 09-077, 5/19/2009)


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