§ 101.



Any words or phrases that are not defined in the Vehicle Code or in Division I of this Code shall have the meanings set forth below.


Alley. Any street having a roadway width not exceeding 25 feet.


City Traffic Engineer. The City Traffic Engineer of the SFMTA or his or her designee.


Downtown Core. That area of San Francisco encompassed by and including Parking Meter Zones One and Two as they are defined in Article 400.


Private Bus. Any motor vehicle designed, used or maintained by or for a charter-party carrier of passengers, a passenger stage corporation, or any highway carrier of passengers required to register with the California Public Utilities Commission, or an employer-operated commute hour shuttle service for employees.


Street. A roadway or alley, and all segments or portions of the surface thereof between curbs that is intended for the movement of motor vehicles, exclusive of transit platforms and traffic islands.


Traffic Calming Device. A median island, traffic circle, traffic undulation, speed bump, or other similar device installed for the purpose of controlling the speed of traffic.


Traffic Code. The former Traffic Code of the City and County of San Francisco, predecessor to this Transportation Code, repealed effective July 2, 2008 by Ordinance No. 0045-08, Board of Supervisors File No. 080236.


Traffic Control Device. A sign, signal, marking, or other device used to regulate, warn, or guide vehicular and pedestrian traffic, placed on, over, on the surface of or adjacent to a Street by authority of the SFMTA.


Transit-Only Area. The locations that are reserved for the use of public transit vehicles, as specified in Article 600 of this Division II.


(SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 08-151, 8/19/2008; SFMTA Bd. Res. No. 11-028, 3/1/2011)


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